About Allia

To speak about the kingdom of Allia is pretty easy for me, after all this is the first place I’ve created for the world of the 7 Ancients. I could say that this location had few and big changes at the same time. Few, about the land; its shape remains the same with just some additions, while the big changes come in the internal set of the place and its inhabitants.

Here I present you the story of the […]


How magic works in 7 Ancients

To visualize in a bigger size, right click on the image and choose “Open in a new tab”

This is a text written a while ago to explain a bit how the magika works in the world of 7 Ancients. It exists but things aren’t that simple as it looks like. This is a chat, some years ago, between a young Forwën (the main character of a bigger project called “The Winter Blades”) and the Great-Master principal of the University of […]


Innocence – The Prologue (Kyrie Eleison)

Hello everybody.

Now, the English version of the prologue is on.

Some of you already know that besides the comic book, I’m writing Innocence as a book too.

While the pilot comic production is almost at the end, I give you the opportunity of reading the prologue of the story.

Below you may check the text which has been written for many times, but don’t worry: the main idea is there and this I won’t change anymore.

Have a good reading!

Note: In case you […]


The Black, the White and the Red (Part 1)

Hello to everybody!

Here’s another text, this time related to the 7 Ancients’ universe. This is a children’s tale which, I’ve been writing for some time.

The story is about a journey beyond the so called Land of the Ancient Folks, taken by a young Light creature alongside a Chaos creature to find the redemption for a lost wandering soul. It is also a self knowledge journey for this spirit of Light as well as for the creature of Chaos.

I’ve chosen this […]


Night in the Room

Hello everybody.

For this first real post I’ve chosen a text which is part of Innocence universe. In truth, it is a short story which also, serves as a spin-off of the main storyline. Furthermore it was a kind of challenge for myself to create a story composed by only one ambience and character. If I could define “Night in the Room”, it would be like one of the first sketches for the main story.

This text has been written as a […]