A quick FAQ about 7 Ancients

Hello everybody.

First, I wish to apologize for the lack of updates. It happens that I’m developing the final version of Dhaneria’s map and working hard to finish at once the pilot comic of Innocence. As soon as I finish one or another, the updates will be more constant.

Well, the idea of this post came from the fact that many people, misunderstood what I’m planning with the 7 Ancients universe. Therefore, I’ve decided to show you some more direct answers.

So, let’s go:

  • 7 Ancients is a medieval fantasy story, right?

Wrong. 7 Ancients is the brand name of the fantasy universe which passes in the fictitious world of Dhaneria, a land named after the main Goddess of the World. This name changes depending on the culture and beliefs of some people. About the period, it’s also wrong. 7 Ancients is more like in Renaissance time. Some lands may be still in Middle Ages and other are almost touching the Baroque.

  • Ok, but tell me something new: It is just another world centered in Europe, right?

No. If you check the whole map, it’s obvious that it’s based on the Mercator projection, but the world is a lot more than the continent based on Europe (which yes, it’s there). In Dhaneria many things happen at the same time and so, all people of all continents have their Histories and importance.

  • Alright, I’ve got it, but even so, I bet that the people based on the Europeans are the most advanced in technology. Maybe those based on the Asians too.

Wrong again, and this is where Dhaneria starts to differ from other worlds. Technologically speaking, the people based on the Africans, American Natives and Middle East had evolved too, each one with their respective culture. Therefore, we have “African” and “Native” great powerful empires of great navigators marketing equally with the “Europeans”. Some of them even sail to other lands.

  • Right, you speak this, but why do I see many of your illustrations centered in the “European” part of the world than on the other places you’ve cited?

Although some of the last illustrations were located in Frikia (which is the continent based on Africa), I confess that this is a flaw, which I will correct.

  • So, it is a RPG world, isn’t? Where can I find the character sheet?

Wrong J. Actually, Dhaneria was initially designed as a RPG game indeed, but that was a long time ago. Nowadays the world isn’t thought as for RPG, but as a structured universe where stories could be made. That’s the focus of 7 Ancients: stories and comics, what doesn’t invalidate that it can be adapted to a RPG in the future.

  • Let me see if I understood: it is a huge world, with lots of places and stories. I guess you are pretentious!

I admit I may be. It happens that even though I’m finishing the rendering of the world map, I won’t be giving everything at once, but I rather be releasing the material little by little. The first step is to create small stories in some parts of the world and then, doing greater stuff if the public accept it. So, one step at a time.

  • What do you intend with all of this?

I love my job, which is illustration. However, I don’t wish to stop here. I want something more than that and these are precisely my projects. This is how and why the Phantasia website was made, which serves as a laboratory and place to gather all my stuff. In the future related material will be released.

  • Which stuff do you already have?

The focus will be the stories and comics. Besides the map which actually already exists and is being revised and polished, some stories are almost finished (like the first part of one of them in the last post). Also, I’ll do some posts about some curiosities and diverse subjects about the world. Finally I’m producing a material called “There be magic”, which is a selection of artbooks showing the world through illustrations.


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