The Black, the White and the Red (Part 1)

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Here’s another text, this time related to the 7 Ancients’ universe. This is a children’s tale which, I’ve been writing for some time.

The story is about a journey beyond the so called Land of the Ancient Folks, taken by a young Light creature alongside a Chaos creature to find the redemption for a lost wandering soul. It is also a self knowledge journey for this spirit of Light as well as for the creature of Chaos.

I’ve chosen this to be the first tale of 7 Ancients because even tough it is for youngsters, it illustrates a bit of the mood of the world: There is fantasy, but it isn’t as colorful as it looks.

This is a tale divided in parts that’ll be added later in other posts.

Last but not least, just a reminder: English is not my home language, so, you may find some grammar mistakes and misspellings. If you find one, please, let me know so I can fix it and also I’ll be thankful to you :).

Have a good reading!

The Black, the White and the Red

Part 1

Genres: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Children, Adventure

Lami was running happily and carefree over the smooth grass of the forest when the calling hit her like a lightning. 

   She almost fell due the scare, but recomposed herself before it. Now, gently gliding over the grass, she searched for a big stone where she could have a sit.

   There, she remained for a short time while thinking on the message that she just had received. Soon, she decided to go; after all, it was her duty and purpose.

   While she proceeded, she thought on what she had to do. Lami was very young and still had little experience, so, she didn´t know well how to behave and this terrified her a bit. Still, she always had asked for this opportunity in her thinking.

   It happens that Lami was a spirit of Light. Granddaughter of the Sun, daughter of the Great Mother Goddess and servant of the King of the Highs. Her function was to put away the darkness from chaos and bring light to the lands, being also responsible to keep the balance between the transitions from the night to the day and contrariwise. Finally, there was another task, which was to keep in order those dark spirits who would disturb the Balance. This was not necessarily a war, but just the maintenance of the universal order. In general, spirits of Light could be shy and frisky, but also they are serious about their duties. They can shape shift to many forms but usually they prefer those of radiant and luminous humanoids.

   Despite all these honorable responsibilities, aside from the others, Lami was a young spirit still in formation and this is why she hesitated. She was even warier than her brothers, and for a moment she considered refusing the task to pass it to another one, what would be against her essence. Therefore, if she received the message, she should be fit to do what she had to do. Even if she really wanted to give up, she knew that, there wouldn’t be anybody like her around.   

   Deep on these thoughts she jumped over the stones. Her misgiving came from the fact that she should´ve enter in a region simply called the Gloomy Swamps. This name wasn’t given in random, after all the place was known to house some Chaos creatures. Lami’s mission was precisely to restrain a spirit of this kind, but she has never seen one of them before.    

   In a given time, she stopped to check her surroundings. The forest in which she was, was composed by dense imposing sequoias, which couldn’t stop the sunlight to pass between the leafs and enlighten Lami. Secretly she knew that she was at the border of the forest and that she was about to enter the so feared region. 

   As an answer to her reflections, a cold wind blew making her shiver immediately. This wasn’t a cold blow like those in low temperatures, but something more tangible and with a viscosity feeling.

   “Do I really need to enter in this filthy place?” she thought in a loud voice.

   Lami didn’t know well this particular region. She straggled a bit from her sisters for she wanted to be left alone a bit. Something had compelled her to back off and walk through these lands. Spirits of Light could travel in impressive high speeds, not even needing to touch the floor, but Lami liked a lot to feel the grass under her feet and to check the environments around.

   Although being young, she wasn’t that naive: she knew that in the lands of the Ancient Folk, sometimes a little caution wouldn’t do any harm. For the reader understanding: the so called Land of the Fair Folk, Land of the Ancients, Land of the Enchanted Ones or simply “The Other Side”, are many places apart from the human world, being like an antithesis of this one. Many natural elements that lives in this side are reflected to the other side and vice-versa. In other words, it is as a world mirrored from the common world and that the parts are connected to each other. Here live many fantastic creatures, but the great majority of them rather prefer to remain hidden and run from any mention of contact to the exterior world; others prefer to risk themselves outside and could get along to humans, what generates some fantasy stories and fairy tales. Finally, there are those who are curious and prefer to observe at distance and those who are hostile or innocently cruel. One truth is; many of them are reverenced as deities, small and great, which some of them really are.  

   Just like the human realms, many kingdoms, courts, politics and alliances also form the World of the Ancient Folk. The difference is how they see and use these concepts. Even Lami wasn’t that free, for she was subjected to the King of the Highs: a spirit as old as the world and extremely important and powerful in his splendor.  

   Lami could not know well the region, but she knew how to guide through it because of the old maps that she saw. Courageously she pushed her body towards and entered deep in the swamps.

   The more she progressed the more the forest was losing its colors. Before, in the sequoia forest there was predominance of pinky, greenish and bluish lights, but now all that remained were blackish and greyish tones. The light emanated from Lami was diminishing and the sunlight could barely follow her, exhibiting just a faint lighting. However, the light spread and illuminated a bit the path where she stepped or touched, returning to the initial grey after that.  

   The stinky wind seemed to blow stronger now and as she walked, Lami had the impression that eyes were following her in the darkness. The sequoias were giving room to pale shrubs and a disordered set of cypress, willows and vines.

   Lami was still gliding but she could notice that the floor was becoming floppy and deceitful. This was an indicator of the proximity of her destination.   

   She stopped to hear the sounds of this principle of swamp. Nothing. There was just death and a freezing feeling. This silence was worse than any kind of possible noise, as if the place was closing in a silent prison. Again, Lami felt tempted to abandon her demand and run away; her light diminished considerably and for a fleeting moment, she believed it would be lost forever, turning herself into a creature of Chaos too. Maybe this was the first time she felt true fear. It was hard for her to keep going.  

   The more she penetrated the domains of the darkness; Lami was losing her abilities and strength. Now she couldn’t glide but warily walk in this now swampy soil. Disgusted of that malodorous water she tried to step on steady places. The matter was that not every time they were what they looked like and when she stepped, she sank a little, having a scare at each time this happened.  

   After she stumbled many times and dodged the many poison ivies, Lami arrived at a huge lake sided by dark trees with fallen leafs and hanging roots. The water had a silvery tone, and around it, there was a kind of black fog. Instead the gaseous look this had more an appearance of sticky silk.

   The young spirit realized that she had just entered the Swamp’s heart and all that remained to her was to find the creature. She searched and searched, until finally she could spot a small red light in another point of the shore.

   Walking in a hasty step, the spirit decided to follow in that direction. It was with great struggle that she walked, for her feet sank deeply in the water. When she got closer to the light, she understood at once:

   The red light belonged to a wandering soul. Sometimes, when they die, the people of the mundane world enter in a confused soul mood, remaining tormented by what they did while alive. In general, the souls of the common people acquired a greenish or blue color, however the rowdy ones acquired a red color. Because they are going astray, they are condemned to wander to the Other Side unable to ascend to the skies or even falling to the Abyss, save when they are caught and enslaved, remaining as beings without purpose or hope.

   It is a job for some Ancients, like the spirits of Light, to guide these poor souls and give them some directions. Those who are lucky could have permission to enter the Great Tribunal where they could achieve a chance of redemption. Those unlucky could be enslaved and corrupted, lost in the forgetfulness or even devoured.   

   This is precisely what was about to happen. A creature that at first Lami couldn’t understand was absorbing the red light’s essence. It was a horrendous being with amorphous body looking like a spider with various and stretched paws. In its back, it had long spines and in the place what would be the head, there was a curved beak similar to a parrot. The black fog circled around it like a protective pellicle.

   Lami had finally found the creature of darkness.  


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