First insights of 7 Ancients

Another running project and one that you´ll hear a lot about is the 7 Ancients.

Different from Innocence, this project is about an universe in which many stories could be told: since short stories to complete sagas, passing through old periods of time to the actual era of the world which is equivalent to the transition from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, something like the XIV and XV centuries.

“So, what makes this world so different from the others around?” you may ask.

I could say a lot of things, like the fact that one of the dominant religions of the world is matriarchal, or the fact that the indigenous people here had a technology evolution just like the Europeans and Eastern people and that they can navigate through uncharted waters, or simply about the world’s cosmogony which obviously I won’t give to you so easily as the same way I won’t give the rest of it, leaving it up to you, my reader, to discover.

Of course, that the basic fantasy stories elements will be there, like impossible loves; honored knights; fair kings; enchanted creatures and imprisoned princesses. However, the world of Dhaneria isn´t as simple as it seems. True love can end in tragedies and irreparable consequences to those around; knights could (and many of them really are), marked by dishonor for this is the clear human nature; kings shall look fair just to hide a net of intrigues and treasons in favor of self-interest; enchanted creatures will be there, but is it wise to disturb them? Fairies aren´t that good.

Because of my strong influence of the History of Mankind, (this subject fascinates me), I´ve concepted Dhaneria to be a mirror of our real world, but with the right pinches of fantasy. Good and Evil are relative notions and the world is full gray color, where it can tend to the “bright” side in some situations and places, as well as to “darker” in other cases.

Therefore, we´ll have diverse stories not only centered in a medieval Europe, but in many tales, short stories, and long stories in all parts of the world as well. It could be in the extreme West in the continent of Ibara, which is the land of the Gua´ri people; in Lamaria, the land of the people of the Asturi and the Kelds together; in Frikia which is the southern land of the Namu, or in the extreme North, home of the Askanii and finally the Middle East, characterized by the Great Desert of Tahaj, home of the Beduns and the extreme East, land of the Shuaí.

Finally, my most deep wish is that you find and explore this world while feeling as a part of it, just the way I feel myself. Often I will post stuff from this world. It can be the medias I´ve already told above as well as explanatory texts for your better understanding.

After all, this world is as much mine as it is yours.

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