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The first post of Phantasia couldn´t be another if about Innocence

Actually, what is this about?

To speak directly, Innocence is a horror story, with drama and suspense elements to be told as a comics and book. Actually, it´s one of the two running projects.

The story is about a girl called Mina Lilien, who is an apparently 15 years old teen if wouldn’t some visions and outbreaks she has.

Orphan of parents, she’s been sheltered in an orphanage until there, a local incident changed her life forever. She can’t nor she wishes to remember what really happened at this place for she had kept this memory into the deepest abyss of the unconscious mind.

Since this past event, she started to have suffocating nightmares that became worse day by day and turning to be more and more realistic. Due her unlikeness to other people, she suffers public humiliations bearing everything with a sad smile on her face and with hate burning inside her soul. This makes her to isolate herself from others. In her solitude she starts to talk to her deep feelings just to discover there many things like some own interpretations for her nightmares which will give her and unprecedented ecstasies at the same time it drags her innocence to the void.

Even with so many misfortunes in her life, not everything is bad luck, for she can find her inner peace in music, like playing her violin or more specifically, singing, once she, by her natural talent has a beautiful soprano voice. It is in music that she can release all her sorrows and give her shout to the world.


            “Even ashamed of herself, she couldn’t help but contemplate her image reflected on the mirror. By looking at it, she could see the image of a skinny fifteen years old girl, a bit tall for her age and with a sad and tired looking on her green eyes. She was dressing a faded pink pajama, and her short beautiful and messy hair was light-brown colored falling around her shoulders.

            For a while she remained by looking to her own reflection. Her own eyes hypnotized her; they were of a penetrating and alive olive green. Maybe this was the only part of her body that she liked, what made her remind the nun who gave her last name: “Angel”, just because of her eyes. She let a faint smile while she thought on her full name. Wilhelmina Lilien Angel. What kind of name was that? Even so, she liked it. Truth be told, she liked more the diminutive of her first name. Just “Mina Lilien” sounded more poetic and natural.” (Innocence).

Innocence is a story that I´ve been working for a while (15 years to be honest). In another post, I´ll talk about some curiosities. For now let´s concentrate on this one.

Since the story turns around the main character, all the ambience is looked by her point of view what makes it with a dark and desaturated look. This happens because Mina will little by little suffer a degeneration and give way to her most obscure side. Besides that, Innocence will be divided in four parts, each one referring to a stage of the Fortune Wheel and the four seasons of year, forming the structure to the base of the colors of the comic and Mina’s phases.

Currently I´m working on the pilot comic called “Night in the Room”, in which it passes the most part of the time, as the title says, in a single scenery with only one character. Below you may check the first two panels.


There´s also a short story that I´ll post still in this week here, so, stay tuned!

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