Some news!

Hello everybody.

This is it: here’s some updates and decisions.

First of all,  from now on I won’t be posting here in Portuguese language. At least not for a long time. I’m sorry for this, but sometimes I take too long to post here just because I have to translate and adapt everything and this is a lot of time consuming. By doing this, I’ll speed up my posts.

Second: I’ll be focusing a lot more on Innocence. Actually I’m still working on […]


About Allia

To speak about the kingdom of Allia is pretty easy for me, after all this is the first place I’ve created for the world of the 7 Ancients. I could say that this location had few and big changes at the same time. Few, about the land; its shape remains the same with just some additions, while the big changes come in the internal set of the place and its inhabitants.

Here I present you the story of the […]


How magic works in 7 Ancients

To visualize in a bigger size, right click on the image and choose “Open in a new tab”

This is a text written a while ago to explain a bit how the magika works in the world of 7 Ancients. It exists but things aren’t that simple as it looks like. This is a chat, some years ago, between a young Forwën (the main character of a bigger project called “The Winter Blades”) and the Great-Master principal of the University of […]


Back on the track!

First of all I’d like to apologize to everyone for the long time without posting. I won’t justify myself or do something like this because I think that the best way of doing is to show some service!

So, after this long hiatus… I announce to you all that Phantasia is back!

To celebrate this happening I also annouce that the Dhaneria map (from the 7 Ancients world) is finally complete!

So this is it. Thanks again for your patience and I promess […]


Innocence – The Prologue (Kyrie Eleison)

Hello everybody.

Now, the English version of the prologue is on.

Some of you already know that besides the comic book, I’m writing Innocence as a book too.

While the pilot comic production is almost at the end, I give you the opportunity of reading the prologue of the story.

Below you may check the text which has been written for many times, but don’t worry: the main idea is there and this I won’t change anymore.

Have a good reading!

Note: In case you […]


A quick FAQ about 7 Ancients

Hello everybody.

First, I wish to apologize for the lack of updates. It happens that I’m developing the final version of Dhaneria’s map and working hard to finish at once the pilot comic of Innocence. As soon as I finish one or another, the updates will be more constant.

Well, the idea of this post came from the fact that many people, misunderstood what I’m planning with the 7 Ancients universe. Therefore, I’ve decided to show you some more direct answers.

So, let’s […]


The Black, the White and the Red (Part 1)

Hello to everybody!

Here’s another text, this time related to the 7 Ancients’ universe. This is a children’s tale which, I’ve been writing for some time.

The story is about a journey beyond the so called Land of the Ancient Folks, taken by a young Light creature alongside a Chaos creature to find the redemption for a lost wandering soul. It is also a self knowledge journey for this spirit of Light as well as for the creature of Chaos.

I’ve chosen this […]


Night in the Room

Hello everybody.

For this first real post I’ve chosen a text which is part of Innocence universe. In truth, it is a short story which also, serves as a spin-off of the main storyline. Furthermore it was a kind of challenge for myself to create a story composed by only one ambience and character. If I could define “Night in the Room”, it would be like one of the first sketches for the main story.

This text has been written as a […]


First insights of 7 Ancients

Another running project and one that you´ll hear a lot about is the 7 Ancients.

Different from Innocence, this project is about an universe in which many stories could be told: since short stories to complete sagas, passing through old periods of time to the actual era of the world which is equivalent to the transition from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, something like the XIV and XV centuries.

“So, what makes this world so different from the others around?” you […]